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The 100g Homemade Gel

Since posting a picture of my gel pouch on my instagram I've had a few people ask me how, why and what. One thing I've learned is that nutrition is very personal - especially when in comes to sports nutrition products.

For me, gels containing mostly plain old maltodextrin have been the best option. Ive experimented with several mixtures, with fructose, fruit juices and dextrose and I would encourage you to do the same to find the best mixture that works for you.

That aside, this is how I make my 100g carbohydrate gel in a 150ml reusable gel pouch. Usually a pre made gel contains around 20g carbohydrates. So for each pouch, thats around 5 sachets which would otherwise end up in landfill, or worse, on the roadside.

You'll need a good quality drink mix, a carbohydrate powder (I get on best with plain maltodextrin). A gel pouch, a measuring jug and some basic scales.

1) Add 20g of your preferred drink mix into a measuring jug.

2) Add 80g of your plan flavour carbohydrate powder.

3) Add water and mix to the capacity of the pouch. Mine is 150ml.

4) Mix, mix, mix! You'll need to break up any big lumps, and make sure its a gel like consistency if you're planning on using it immediately. If you store it in the fridge over night in the flask, I tend to find the small lumps of powder dissolve and it ends up looking like a gel.

5) Add to the pouch and you're done! Its thats simple, and had worked great for me so far.

Im not the first person to give this kind of think a go. Adam 'Vegan' Hansen has raced with a pouch like this for a while, and so has world hour record holder Victor Campenaerts.

Good luck!

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